One this page you find selection of day rides that you can do from Quito.

North of Quito: Pululahua Crater day ride

North of Quito: Pululahua Moonshine ride 

East of Quito: Antisana day ride

Northeast of Quito: Paramo Spring Ride

Southeast of Quito: Cotopaxi and Ecuadorian cowboys (chagra’s) introduction

Galapagos: Tortuga trek

If you don’t know what to choose please send an email with your questions and we can give you some recommendations.

2 thoughts on “DAY RIDES

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  2. Nice job Rebecca, your website looks amazing. I find it very cool that you made the decision on following your passion and moving to a new country.

    I am actually starting my own tourism business here in The Netherlands, so I appreciate all the time and effort I see you have put in your webpage, looks spotless.


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