Complete paramo exploration trips

Enter to the magical and majestic Volcano Avenue at the south of this beautiful country. This multicultural and diverse region will give you a notorious Ecuadorian highlands experience. These activities are designed for those who love the mixture between fantastic areal views and entertaining horse rides. The trails couldn’t be better for the activities, due to the geography of the Ecuadorian paramos is easy to get through them by horse, so the rider won’t have worry about mud, puddles or uncomfortable gaps on the way. Another special attraction is the fauna of these trips. The Andean deer, spectacled bears, Andean fox and “pumas”, as well as a variety of birds like the “guarro” (Andean eagle), “curiquinge”, the “kilico” (falcon), “chugshi” (owl), “bandurrias” (black ibis), “paloma” (sea gull), ducks, and the majestic Condor of course. In warmer ravines, you’ll also see colorful hummingbirds sipping nectar from flowers. Don’t think it twice, they’re waiting for you.

Find here an overview of our horse rides in the volcano area.

Overnight “Avenida de los Volcanes” – For any kind of horse riding skills, this adventurous but comfortable activity will introduce you to a side of Ecuador that only few people will get to see. In this beautiful country side scenery you will find cozy riding tracks, lush high grassland farms and rocky summits cones of many extinct volcanoes that line both sides of the “Machachi” valley.

2 Day Trekking Cloud Forrest – Prepare yourself to ride up hill until 3.300 meters of altitude next to the “Corazon” Volcano. While riding you will reach a region called Cloud Forest, this subtropical zone is know for its similarity to the Rain Forrest but with different flora and fauna. Perfect for beginners and intermediate riders.

5 Day Trekking “Avenida de los Volcanes” – If you are looking to extend your ties deeply with nature, this is the right trip for you. This 5 day trekking will show you unforgettable paths and trails. When you hear about the Andes you probably imagine hundreds of thousands of steep snow peaks all together and maybe imposible to reach or travel through them, but in Ecuador you will have a different experience due to the fact that the elevations in here are remarkable and each one of them are beautiful volcanos or ancient craters and lava domes. The amazing fertile soil and rich vegetations that these majestic volcanos had left is wonderful. We strongly recommend this tour for people that loves solitude and quiet environments.

6 Day Quilotoa Ride – Explore other sides in the south of Ecuador with this beautiful horse ride. It starts at an old hacienda one hour south of Quito. From there you will ride all the way to the south until the Quilotoa Crater lake. It is a calm and easy ride through the Ecuadorian paramo in a 6 days horseback riding trip you will never forget. The Quilotoa lake is one of the most beautiful and perfect formed craters in the world hosting a wonderful turquoise lagoon and will be the perfect reward of your ride.

8 Day Rodeo Ride – Acquire a good rodeo training with the best local riders in the area. The ancient ritual of rodeo riding has been held for centuries at this hacienda. “El Rodeo” or cattle roundup is an epic experience for any horseback rider and probably one of the most intense and beautiful rides anyone can be involved. If you love to ride and you passion for horses and related activities is high, this is a once in a life time opportunity, don’t miss it.

10 Day Trekking Cattle Round up – If you are interested in spending quality time with the local riders “Chagras”and get to know their culture, as well as, their passion for animals, we strongly recommend this tour. Let the local riders teach you all about their lives from the begining of a normal day to a cozy cattle activity celebration.