Here you can find an overview of the experiences of our clients. For the most recent recommendations please go to our Facebook or Tripadvisor page.

February 2015: Litty about the Cotopaxi Ride

I loved the ride, the surroundings were beautiful! Thank you so much Rebecca.

February 2015: Monique about the Cotopaxi Ride

Thank you so much for the amazing day that we had with you! Hopefully we can be back soon!


Monique and Litty at the Cotopaxi


February 2015: Geertje about the Avenida de los Volcanes day trip

Thanks Rebecca for the beautiful trip, well organised. I had no experience but a lovely calm horse was given to me and the owner spend extra time to explain things before and throughout the trip. A nice lunchbreak in the middle of nature. I enjoyed the diversity in surroundings even of this day trip. Great to be out in this beautiful nature, what a views! Upon returning at the haciënda a demonstration of how to catch a cow by lasso was given. After that the lady of the house made us an authentic ecuadorian home made 3 course meal. Excellent. Tired but ver satisfied we were brought back to Quito.

February 2015: Ann-Marie about the Avenida de los Volcanes day trip

Had an amazing day in the mountains with beautiful horses and the next time I come back I will definitely make another ride with Rebecca!


Ann-Marie, Valerie, and Geertje at the Corazon


February 2015: Fiona about the Multiple day Avenida de los Volcanes trip

Had a fantastic weekend. Thanks Rebecca!

February 2015: Marisa about the Multiple day Avenida de los Volcanes trip

Great time. We totally enjoyed it and Guillermo and Patricia are great hosts. 


Fiona, Marisa and Brad at the Hacienda


January 2015: Saskya about the Galapagos – Tortuga trip

My daughter and I went for a 6 day visit to the Galapagos. We experienced a lot of magic , the nature and its animals, but one thing impressed me the most !! The last day of our visit at Santa Cruz we went for a horseride at a wonderful rancho, clean and green with a lot of possibilities, like marvelous lunch ( almuerzo in Spanish ) and a great souvenirshop. The most delicious coffee ever ! We went together with a friendly guide and quiet healthy horses into the woods where we saw the biggest tortoises ever. I have been to many zoos in the world, but this was so amazing in the wild. Hope to experience it once again in my life!


Saskya and Rebecca at the Galapagos Tortoises Hacienda




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