Ecuadorian Andes, Paramo and Cloud forrest rides

We organize the most interesting multiple day horse rides. Crossing the different regions of the Ecuadorian territory, you will enjoy various hidden places that no other type of transportation will achieve. Enter intriguing steep paths along various flora and fauna landscapes. Notice the vast cloud forest areas. These are essentially elevated rainforests that receive all of the moisture from the clouds. The result is an rich lush habitat that covers thousands square kilometers and hosts hundreds of stunning hummingbirds, tanagers, exquisite orchids, enchanting moss covered trees, crystal clear waterfalls, and other natural sights.
The Ecuadorian Andes are a magnificent display of a collapse of tectonic plates millions of years ago, due to its particular heights we can find numerous and varied snow peaks, as well as, nice paramo lands. Ecuador is located at the Pacific Ring of Fire, this is an enormous and powerful volcanic range, therefore Ecuador has the most amazing side by side volcanic elevations in South America. Riding through the paramos is once in a lifetime experience. The “Chagras” or “local riders” will take you to the most amusing paths at thousands of meters of altitud. Visit the beautiful haciendas, get in contact with the locals lifestyle and taste the delightful Andean gastronomy.

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If you would like to experience riding in the different regions in Ecuador please take a look at one of these rides.

6 Day Ride Volcano and Yumbo Trail – During this 6 day ride at the Pululahua crater, you will witness amazing sceneries, spot wildlife and lots of biodiverse lands. Climb up steep paths and enjoy the view with the horses. You will start with a night ride, which will extend ties between the horse and you. Later you can find yourself circling around the lava cone and see the volcanic history of interesting geological formations. At the end of the ride, you will reach a small mountain village, where you will have a tour to learn how the people live and how they produce their own cheese and marmelade. There is so many interesting sights to be explored here, and they all are waiting for you.

8 Day Trekking Cloud Forest to Highlands – This trip will take you from the heart of the western Andes and their unbroken beauty to extraordinary jungles, deserts, hot valleys, cool windy elevations, lakes and rivers. The culture is also visible in this ride as you interact with the various communities. The Andean gastronomy will give you a taste of what are the main and preferred dishes around the region. Prepare to be spoiled by the warm and kind hosts and hostesses of the beautiful haciendas, they will be happy to have visitors with common interests in horses, nature, culture and adventure. Don’t forget this tour will also help you to develop social skills and team work.

13 Day Ride Full Ecuador – This ride is specifically designed for those looking for a cultural immersion and adventure. On the first days riders will have the opportunity to acclimatize to the altitude, weather and new environment. Riders will get to know the horses well and start a relationship with them as you will be a team for the rest of the ride. You have the opportunity to try a variety of horses with different temperaments and traits; together we will choose which group of horses will accompany us.