Only 4 km northwest of La Mitad del Mundo, you will locate yourself at the Pululahua region. Imagine, that this reserve contains a lava dome formed by an eruption 500 years ago and left a rich and fertile soil that provides important agriculture to its inhabitants. Moreover, its diverse microclimates, and vegetation makes this region very wealthy in flora and fauna.
This is why at Ecua Horse Rides, we offer you a variety of great tours. Because, the Pululahua region has so much to offer, we want you to make the perfect choice!
2 Day Trekking Crater Moonshine Ride – Are you looking for a magical experience? This special ride takes you to the moon lightened Pululahua crater. With astonishing landscapes, you will visit a dormant volcano, you will follow the echo of a donkey’s call rolling along the crater walls, and finally at night hear the frogs delight you with their melody. Feel absorbed by the mistery that this place beholds, with fireflies lightening the sky, the stardust will begin falling upon you. The enchantment will begin when you and your horse come in contact, and guided by the light of the moon and stars you’ll follow your path.
2 Day Trekking Pululahua Crater – Are you in for a 2 day adventure! This tour invites you to emerge yourself on the Pululahua Crater and its incredible landscapes. During the horseback ride you will appreciate the flora and fauna, typical folkloric garments of the local people living on the Pululahua region. The ride will take you from areas of traditional Andean agriculture to lush tropical vegetation, passing by eroded and dry volcanic avalanches blooming with wild orchids, sugar cane fields, remote mountain villages, exotic flower crops, deep canyons and cloud forests. You and your horse will walk through one of the only two inhabited craters in the world. Enjoying delightful meals and breathtaking landscapes.
3 Day Trekking Trefoil Trail – This tour is perfect for you if you enjoy adventure and hiking. The 3 day trip will bring you to the Pululahua Crater and its biodiverse surroundings and astonishing sceneries. Marked by volcanic history, nature, geological formations and traditional Andean agriculture. We’ll be riding through lush tropical vegetation, sugar cane, pineapples and bananas. At lunch-break, enjoying the sound of the crickets while viewing vultures and hawks sailing above us. Don’t miss this fantastic experience.
4 Day Secret Valley Ride – Are you in for a longer adventure? Then we have the perfect trip for your, through the heart of the western Andes. Beginning at the beauty of the local ranch, located inside the Pululahua Crater, then you will continue to the magical Sacred Valley. You will uncover secret paths that where once used by ancient cultures, and you will be able to witness different testimonies. During your ride, you will admire pre-historical fortresses, ceremonial places, grave hillocks, terraces and stone carvings. Its a perfect tour for adventurous riders.