Surrounded by snow dusted peaks, delicious cheese, fresh crackers (bizcochos), we can find Ecuador’s flower capital; Cayambe. A rich agricultural service town, located right on the foot of the Cayambe Volcano. Once you enter the city, you will be absorbed by the scent of baked biscuits, folkloric shops and small markets along the road. The rural population of indigenous people will welcome you with their own language Kitchua, as well as their own agriculture, and dairy farming. The chilly wind, magnificent views, and its delicious food makes Cayambe a must visit during your stay through Ecuador.

That is why Ecua Horse Rides offers you a variety of great day tours. Because, the Cayambe region has so much to offer, we want you to make the perfect choice!

Multiple Day Tours

Cayambe Paramo – Are you looking to discover the flora and fauna of the pristine mountain landscapes? The Cayambe – Coca National Park is the largest protected area with the biggest plant and animal diversity in Ecuador. Ready to interact with Andalusians, Arabians and local “criollo” horses. Then you have found the perfect trip. Starting with a horse ride you will arrive to the National Park of Cayambe – C0ca, where the amazing flora and fauna will enriched your tour. If lucky you can spot Condors, spectacled bears, hawks, foxes, rabbits, armadillos and cougars among many others. After a couple of hours we will set the tents and delighted by the warmth of a fire you will enjoy the wonderful stars in the sky.

Hacienda and Otavalo Indigenous Market  – Are you in for a 2 day adventure? This tour invites you to emerge yourself on the Andean mountain landscapes and absorbe the beauty that nature can offer. During the horseback ride you will appreciate the flora and fauna, typical folkloric garments of the local people living on the Andean region. Warm, comfortable and cozy; the hacienda is a place where you will enjoy a magnific view of the Cayambe city, Cayambe volcano and sometimes even Quito. This place offers options to relax, a jacuzzi that together with the view of the sky you will be happy of your choice. Fully relaxed, on day 2 you will head to Otavalo’s market. Rated as one of the top markets of Latin America, Otavalo’s market will enchant you with its colorful handicraft, its surroundings and the warmness of its people. Each piece contains history and cultural meaning; is a fascinating way to experience a part of Ecuador’s culture. Come and experience yourself all the wonders that this 2 day trip offers.

2 Day Yoga and Horses  – This tour is perfect for you if you are interested in both horses and yoga. It gets even better, since you can discover the Ecuadorian culture as well in this program. After the yoga with the horses, there is time to visit the famous Otavalo market. During this program, you will do yoga, while interacting with horses. You will be surrounded by this herd, while developing yourself. It is a special yoga course, that will connect you with horses and special knowledge about your leadership style and develop unique strengths.

4 Day Cayambe Paramo Ride – Are you in for a longer adventure?  Then we have the perfect trip for your, through the Cayambe Paramo. You will ride about 4-5 hours per day and you will stay at tourist class haciendas. The view from the horse in this park is stunning and will take your breath away. During the ride, you will see Andean villages and traditionally dressed Ecuadorians. Along the way, it is possible to see wild horses, foxes and birds (if you are lucky, you can see Condors). During the rides, your lunch will be picnics and at the haciendas there will be served 3-course dinners.  At night you can sit next to the chimney or enjoy the beautiful stars of 2 hemispheres because we are located on the Equator.